The Beginner’s Guide to Eating Clean

Even for relative newcomers to the fitness world, much has been heard about eating clean and many have wondered exactly what the term means? Does the term mean thoroughly washing produce before eating?


The motivational posts available out there don’t exactly help either: everyone’s saying to eat clean but what does it really mean? Here, we break down the fundamentals of clean eating, enabling you to incorporate the principles and see how this difference can enhance your body composition.


Defining Clean Eating

With so many definitions associated with the phrase ‘clean eating’, it can be hard to ascertain what the true definition really is. Ask a bodybuilder, vegan, and doctor and receive slightly different definitions. No one seems to have one exact meaning and this is why it is important to go through all of the criteria involved with clean eating to decide on what may work best for you. The following is our definition of what clean eating is, and as always, check with your doctor before changing your diet regimen. Finer points to remember is that clean eating is not a diet, nor is it about foregoing the foods you love.


It’s Not a Diet


A diet usually means one or two months where you lose pounds and then return to your normal routine, also referred to as yo-yo dieting. Clean eating is a lifestyle change where you redefine your relationship with food instead of attempting to change everything.


It’s Not Calorie Restriction


Under a clean eating regimen, you eat for health and the energy to power through your workouts and other activities.


It’s Not About Meal Frequency


How frequently you hear and clean eating are not one and the same. Studies have already shown that eating frequently has minimal effect on weight loss or lowered insulin levels. Ultimately, it’s about your personal preference. If you want to have one huge meal a day, then it’s your prerogative.


It’s Not Deprivation

Clean eating means choosing alternatives instead of unhealthy foods. Trade in those cupcakes for carrot sticks. As you adjust to clean eating, your tastes also change until you may actually crave healthier alternatives.


It’s Not Perfection


Clean eating means adjusting your diet but not over-stressing it. If you want to cheat and have a dessert, then by all means do so. At the end of the day, clean eating is about flexibility and adapting for your body.


So What Is Clean Eating?

Perfect eating is not a thing because it is not possible. In order to be a successful clean eater, try to eat clean most of the time at around 80% to 90%.


  • Avoid processed foods. Although convenient, they are typically higher in chemical additives, salts, and refined sugars.


  • Avoid most refined foods and the list includes flour, high fructose, white, brown sugar, and trans-fats.

  • Avoid artificial ingredients and preservatives by using the old adage: if you cannot pronounce it, then don’t eat it. Anything made in a laboratory is to be avoided, including artificial sweeteners.

  • Avoid alcohol as it is a toxin. If you do drink, keep it at a low to moderate level.

  • Avoid soda and fruit juices as they filled with sugar, and fruit juice contains refined and natural sugars.


By sticking to these guidelines, your clean eating efforts will prosper. Remember, it’s not about looking for perfection, but about cutting out as many of the toxins that can infiltrate a normal daily eating regimen. The most important thing to remember is to tailor your eating habits to your individual needs.

Clean eating consists of eating plenty and vegetables, the darker the better. Eat fruits as well, but with more moderation as they can change your blood sugar levels. A juicer is helpful for a more organic approach. If you are a meat eater, choose high-quality eats that are organic or range-free. Healthy fats can be found in nuts, seeds, eggs, and oils like olive and coconut oil. And remember to drink lots of water to keep hydrated. These are all ways in which you can recalibrate your eating habits towards a cleaner eating alternative, and you can always consult your physician once you decide to start a diet change.

Kylee Reviews the Best Juicers to Buy

Serious juicers innately understand how important it is to have the proper equipment. A great juicer can make the difference in how you prepare meals, if you avoid juicing, or if you opt to rise early to juice with enthusiasm. For juicers that use their machine on a daily basis, it is even more important to find a competent model that works with your active lifestyle. With so many options available on the market, finding the right juicer can be a task in and of itself. The following are a list of the best juicers currently available that will make you excited to juice every day!


The Duo by Breville


Balancing the best of both worlds when it comes to juicers, The Duo by Breville is without a doubt their most powerful juicer, boasting 1200-watt motor speed with 5 speed settings to yield the most juice with as little pulp as possible. Made from stainless steel, The Duo serves up a decidedly 1950s look, making it a hit with previous buyers. Unlike many juicers of the same caliber, The Duo has a 3-year warranty that makes it a great purchase for the juicing enthusiast.



Among masticating models, the Omega is one of the top selling brands available on the market today, a powerful juicer that has the versatility to not only make juices, nut butters, sauces, milk, pastes, and so much more! The brand offers several models, with the current ones featuring upgraded augers, BPA-free plastic, and pulp screens that are self-cleaning. One of the most popular versions from Omega is its NC900 HD, which features an Ultem auger, a geared drive system, elevated ergonomic design, and more juice settings. An added bonus is an attachment that makes it possible to grind coffee beans, spices, grains, and even make homemade pasta!


Super Angel

For expert juicers where money is no concern, arguably the best juicer to purchase is the Super Angel, one of the few available that is made entirely of stainless steel, making it more durable and powerful than the nearest competitor. There’s almost nothing this juicer cannot handle from nuts to pasta, citrus to wheatgrass and more. With the Super Angel in your kitchen, anything is possible! As if it needed improving, the latest Super Angel boasts a safety sensor, internal cooling fan, and a pressing system devised to get the most juice from your fruits and vegetables. It’s worth the investment and will function for years to come.

To find the best juicer for your needs, first you need to know what type of produce you primarily will use for juicing. Ideally, a versatile juicer that can handle extensive tasks is better, but each machine has its advantages and disadvantages to consider before deciding on one. Centrifugal models, for example, are perfect for crunchy fruits and vegetables like carrots, celery, apples, and beets. They are not ideally suited for leafy greens, however. The best masticating juicers can handle greens and harder produce if it is prepped. They are not ideal for soft fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, plums, and lemons.


Before deciding on the next juicer to add to your home, there are other factors to consider to ensure you get the exact machine you need. If you are intent to use your juicer to make pastes and nut butters, it is necessary to buy a juicer that comes with a homogenizer attachment. For leafy greens, you will also need an add-on attachment as these types are harder to prepare properly. If juicing in the main priority on your agenda, attachments may not be necessary at all. Purchasing a juicer machine that can do just about anything will not only save you time, but also substantial space on your kitchen countertops. View this list to get the specifics on any questions you may have concerning a particular juicer.
For the best of both worlds, crossover juicers offer you the ability to forge a middle ground between masticating and centrifugal machines that can handle a broader range of duties. Last but certainly not least, look at lesser known brands as well as there are always new contenders on the scene offering the latest advancements in the juicer industry.